An e-commerce store selling counterfeit Burberry merchandise was formerly associated with this domain.

Because the website was harming consumers, BURBERRY took legal action, and the operator of the website was ordered to transfer the domain name to BURBERRY - the result of Preliminary and Permanent Injunctions - as well as a finding of willful contempt of the Court's orders.

BURBERRY is committed to the strict enforcement of its Trade Marks and other intellectual property rights. To this end BURBERRY constantly monitors internet stores and auction websites for sellers of counterfeit Burberry handbags, wallets, apparel and accessories and takes legal action when necessary.

BURBERRY remains committed to the fight against counterfeiting. Protecting consumers from the substandard craftsmanship and poor-quality materials used in the manufacture of counterfeit Burberry products is a priority for BURBERRY. By monitoring the online sale of counterfeit Burberry goods and taking legal action when necessary, BURBERRY continues to do its part to combat this damaging industry.

As part of its vigilance to protect online shoppers, BURBERRY has placed this notice here to inform and warn the public about the sale of counterfeit Burberry merchandise.

Please note that the only way to ensure that you are purchasing genuine BURBERRY merchandise is to purchase it from BURBERRY, online at www.burberry.com, or at select authorised retailers.

BURBERRY cannot guarantee the authenticity of Burberry merchandise unless purchased from authorised sources.  BURBERRY is unable to guarantee that products purchased from other sources will not be counterfeit, tampered with, second-hand or of other origin.